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Line Painting

When the lines in your parking stalls are faded and difficult to see, it’s time to repaint!

Waiting until your parking lot has no visible parking lines is not only dangerous and frustrating for your clients / residents but if the lines completely fade then it can also end up costing the property owner much more in repainting fees.

Repainting while lines are still visible is Cost-Efficient

Repainting the parking lot while the lines are still visible does not require a new layout. It takes less to time to repaint, making it more cost effective to repaint/restripe lines well they are still visible.

Completely faded lines need a new layout

When your lines have completely faded, we must re-layout the parking lot, measuring and chalking the new lines is required. This is more labor intensive when compared to restriping existing lines because of all the labor involved. Thus it does cost more than just restriping visible lines.

When should re repaint?

The best time to repaint is when your lines are still visible but after we power sweep or wash your parking garage or parking lot.

We will thoroughly clean the area of the new paint so that it will properly bond to the surface and last as long as possible.

How long does it take the line paint to dry?

If you’re wondering how long it takes for the paint to dry, it’s a lot faster than you think!

Typically, the most commonly used paint dries in 20 minutes. This allows residents and clients to repark in your lot on the same day after we finish line marking. 

The size of the parking stalls will vary depending on your parking lot however most stalls are 9 feet wide by 18 feet long. This is the standard parking stall size but if you need something custom, we can provide this as well.

Here at Low Rider Maintenance, we use only approved traffic road paint and we do not thin out any of our products, helping them to last longer and look brighter. We offer both White and Yellow paint along with blue and some custom colors on request. 

We can paint anything you need on your lot.

As the images below show, we can paint any type of special parking spots that are required and we can install the signage needed. We can paint accessibility/Handicap stencils, hatch lines, arrow stencils, walkways/crosswalks, stop bars, custom word stencils, custom picture stencils, number stencils, speedbumps, dividing lines, parking stall lines, wall stenciling and curb line painting.

If you have something that needs to be painted on your pavement, concrete or asphalt surface we can help!

AODA Compliance

Something to note is that to be compliant with the many local by-laws, you need to ensure that high contrast paint is used for accessibility parking spaces. Additionally, you must have a sign installed in addition to the paint. We can install that sign for you, if needed.