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Drain Cleaning and Grate Replacement

We recommend that you clean your parking garage drains at least once a year, preferably more often, to prevent blockages.

We clean and replace catch basin drains
We manufacture drain grates.

Blocked drains in parking garages can lead to frozen pipes in concrete= large plumbing bill.

Cleaning the drains in your parking garages is an inexpensive but very smart maintenance item to add to your list. Why? Because if you end up with a blocked drain, it could lead to a large plumbing bill. When we are at your building to Power Sweep the parking garage, we can clean your grates and replace them, if necessary.

What can cause your parking garage drain to be blocked?

In some municipalities, they are using sand instead of sand in the winter. Sand can cause a huge build up in our drains. In addition, general dirty build up and leaves are culprits, as well as trash.

Unheated parking garages are more vulnerable to problems – a blockage in your pipe could lead to frozen pipes and cause a lot of damage which could mean a big expense.  Ponding water which occurs with clocked drains, also created a slip hazard, and if it is frozen, it is a much larger slip hazard.  Water that sits and doesn’t drain also affects the durability of the concrete.

Also, cleaning our drains and pipes removes the salt that has built up over the winter season. Removing salt is important to prevent degradation of the concrete and rusting of the grates. Cleaning grates / pits is a key part of Parking Garage Maintenance that Low Rider Maintenance recommends be done annually.

Manufacturing of grates

Are your grate covers bend up, rusted and generally nasty looking? Have you tried to find a replacement for that but didn’t know where to look? Catch basin covers, grates etc. are usually custom sizes and they are not stocked at hardware stores! If you need your grates replaced, we will manufacture them to the exact specifications you require and install them.

As the photo shows, replacing a drain grate makes a huge difference in the appearance of your concrete floor. Low Rider Maintenance will come out, measure and provide you with a quote to replace any sort of grate / catch basin / drain covers that you need replaced.

Some of the custom grates we have manufactured and installed for customers.