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Chute & Compactor Cleaning

Before and after photo of a trash compactor in a large building

Chute, Compactor and Bin cleaning is vital in helping to remove harmful bacteria and bad odors in your chute and compactors rooms. 

A clean chute, compactor or bin can help add to the life of your product! 

Our sales team will help to get your chute, compactor and bin on a maintenance program that will keep your chute, compactor and bin clean year round. Call us today for a quote or for more information! 

Many of our customers get their chute, compactor and bins cleaned three times a year to help maintain cleanliness.

A clean compactor and compactor room will help keep your staff safer and happier!

Keeping the compactor room clean not only affects the overall appearance but allows your janitorial staff a nice area to perform daily activates when in the compactor room.  

Why Should you Clean you Chute and Compactor?

  • Eliminates Odor 
  • Eliminates Bacteria
  • Provides a pleasant staff and resident experience.
  • Helps to maintain the life of your equipment.
  • Air quality in chute rooms and compactor rooms  is improved when you pressure wash to remove bacteria that may build up.


Chute and compactor cleaning is not only a residential service. We also clean commercial!

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Low Rider Maintenance provides professional and courteous pressure washing maintenance services in the Greater Toronto, Hamilton, and Niagara areas.